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Site map . Ideation . Lo-fi wireframing . Hi-fi wireframing .


I was inspired to work on this project after noticing how often people struggle to find accommodations for their visiting friends or family. We all want to be able to host our loved ones nearby, without long commutes or inconvenience. Saving time and energy on travel means more quality time that could – and would- bespent together.


My goal is to design the app’s map and wireframes. The app would allow people to rent out their homes or apartments to neighbors who are hosting visitors within a limited perimeter.


  • the app allows people to rent their homes for their neighbors who are hosting family members or friends (noncommercial)
  • the app allows people to exchange other goods like food or cars when needed
  • the app allows people to organize common events.

Target users

  • People who save money, distance, energy,
  • People who have strong ties with their family and/or friends
  • People who have a sense of community
  • People who have ecological awareness, and would like to save on gas.


  • Reduce distances (geographical and relations)
  • Build community
  • Save on housing expenses
  • Provide a social app

Tools used

Paper, figma, figjam, browser

Design section

First draft

To begin, I studied the maps and interfaces of similar apps and websites like Airbnb, Rentola, Housing Anywhere, and HomeExchange. After careful observation, I compiled a list of essential functions for the website and brainstormed the functions and pages that should be included in the app.

Site map

After analyzing similar apps and websites, I created a detailed site map for Our Homes that can be used for both the app and the website.

Lo-fi wireframes

Low-fidelity wireframes are produced to see how the map would work on a mobile device.

Hi-fi wireframes

After defining the imagery section and graphic chart, the next step was producing the high fidelity wireframes.

Splash screen


Search results

Listing page

Building this map was enjoyable and very interesting. This project was educational and served its purpose.
It would have been ideal to receive real constructive feedback on the process and results to improve the quality of the map.