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Who I am

& What I do

Who I am

& What I do

I enjoy a blend of comfort and new challenges.

I’m a UI/UX designer with over 6 years of experience in architectural design and project development.
For me, design is about connecting people, solving problems, and telling original stories.
I approach each project with a curious mindset and a determination to exceed initial expectations. 

I care about the process and its execution,
about smooth experiences and stunning visuals,
about familiarity and originality,
about the user, the client, and the team.

I have lived in France, Belgium, Australia, Lebanon, and Reunion island.
I always read the first page of a book before bringing it back home.
More often than not, a glass of red is a good idea.
Whenever I find myself in a culturally different environment, I spend hours examining markets and grocery shops.

I believe that everything is possible when you assemble the right ingredients.

illustration for who i am

I’m a UI/UX Designer with a thorough knowledge in WordPress

Project managemnet
User experience design
User interface design
Information architecture
Usability studies
Competitive audits

Prototyping (low-fi and hi-fi)
Web creation on WordPress
Hand drawing and sketching

Illustration for How I do

So, what’s next?

Working together means exchanging social and professional values. Let’s meet to tell if we’re a good fit.